The short answer is no

Las Vegas is all about eating, drinking, gambling, watching the shows, and just having a great time. But some people come to Sin City with the hope of encountering a prostitute. Well, if you're thinking about heading to Las Vegas to hook up with a lady of the night, I have news for you- you're out of luck. Like almost everywhere else in the US, prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas. 

If you want to pay for sex then be forewarned, you can be charged with a crime. Even though some people on the streets pass out flyers and cards to tourists who want to date alluring women, rest assured, those women are only offering their "company," or at most a seductive dance. Anything more is illegal. 

In fact, prostitution is illegal in all of Clark County, which includes Sin City. The state of Nevada only allows legal prostitution in counties that have a population of less than 700,000. 

What can you enjoy in Sin City if you crave LEGAL titillation? Strip clubs. Maybe you'll hit it off with one of the girls. Just remember to be respectful. 

So the bottom line is Las Vegas and prostitution do not mix. While you may get lucky once in a while, if you get caught, then it will probably be the worst vacation of your life.


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