Beneath that beauty lies a beast

Las Vegas attracts some of the most beautiful girls in the nation. While some live and do real work in Sun City, a significant number of girls come to Sin City to work as escorts- and many are exceptionally pretty. These super hot chicks will usually go out with men who are loaded. If you look like a hippie, have $10 in your pocket, and wear ten-year-old sneakers, you are out of luck. 

It is not difficult to meet escorts; the moment you arrive in Vegas, there are posters, people handing out flyers and business cards where one can hook up with a companion. Also, there are many online listings for escorts. 

The first rule that visitors should know is that paying for an escort service is not illegal- as long as there is no sex involved. If you hire an escort for physical services, it's a crime in Clark County.

Escorts in Las Vegas are not cheap; they usually charge by the hour but expect to pay a minimum of $200 an hour or a flat price of $1,500 for the night. This is the bare minimum.

Besides online listings, you can meet escorts in most ritzy hotels, bars, clubs, and casinos. It is easy to spot them as most are scantily dressed, appear sexy, and look beautiful. Most prefer men who stay in the same hotel where they operate from.

Gorgeous escorts can be found around the bar/club at the Venetian, Mirage, Treasure Island, Ballys, MGM Grand, Wynn, and many more spots. 

But do not be fooled by the warpaint and stilettos. While these girls will give you a great time, most couldn't care less about you as a person. There are countless stories about men being ripped off by escorts in Vegas. These sweet sexy talking girls will take every penny you have. 

And worse, if you hire an escort and take her to your room for sex, do not be surprised if law enforcement comes knocking- they know exactly how the system works.  And for you, it can turn out to be a real mess. 

If you want to hook up with strangers without any legal hassles, take your business to the legal brothels which operate outside Las Vegas and Reno.


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